I recently joined a group of talented photographers who have a monthly challenge based on a theme.  This month’s theme is “Books”.  It only seemed fitting to do my take on the theme at our local library with my daughter.  She absolutely LOVES reading and begs to stop at the library every time we drive by.  It’s actually quite interesting to watch her at the library because she is always on a mission.  She knows what books she wants and if she can’t find them she goes straight to the computers to look them up, and if that fails she finds a librarian and asks him/her.  Her independence at the library just amazes me.

I also love her excitement about the books.  She always insists on checking out at least a dozen books every time we are there.   She’ll have her arms loaded full of books, eager to get home to read them.

So here is my take on this month’s theme ~ “Books”!