February 11th ~ “Two”

The theme for February 11th is “Two”.  There are a lot of things that come in twos….eyes, ears, shoes, earrings, gloves, children, etc. but the thing that comes to mind for me is couples, specifically my husband and me.  Since I didn’t know how my husband would feel about posing for a picture of the two of us, I thought our rings would be great.  I’ve actually been meaning to do some ring shots for quite some time now, because back when we got married, ring shots weren’t as big of a “thing”.  So here is a shot of our rings.

IMG_6477_webIt’s really too bad we don’t have a shot of them from our wedding day to show the difference.  Once pristine, smooth and shiny, these rings are now nicked and scratched showing years of wear.  They are still as strong as ever though.  They are symbols of our unending love.  Though we will most definitely go through tough times and get nicked and scratched, we will choose to keep our love and commitment strong.


February 7th ~ “Disorganized”

Having kids has made my life an almost permanent “disorganized”, which drives me crazy because I am definitely very OCD when it comes to organization.  It seems as if I am always on a mission to reorganize our house, hoping it will somehow make it easier for my kids to keep up the organization.  Unfortunately, it still hasn’t worked.  I guess I’ll have to relish in my dreams, in which I live in a perfectly organized house.  🙂

Since I didn’t want to scare you with a picture of my disorganized house, here is a picture of some disorganized LEGOs.  Am I the only one driven crazy with the complete chaos of the LEGOS?  🙂  First off, I would have put the LEGOS together and left them put together, that’s how OCD I am.  I suppose I should see the positive side of it…he is continually creating things, and they ARE all in the bin right here, instead of being strewn about the floor.  🙂


February 6th ~ “Pattern”

Some of you may know that I teach piano to a few students.  One of the things they learn in the beginning is to recognize the pattern of the keys on the piano….two black, three black, two black, three black, etc.

Playing the piano was my first love and passion growing up.  I spent hours a day practicing.  It is so therapeutic.  Unfortunately, getting married, moving to an apartment, and having kids made it nearly impossible to find much time to play for enjoyment for a few years.  Now that the kids are older though, I am devoting more time to my love again.  🙂

Here is a picture of the “pattern” I love so dearly.  🙂


February 4th ~ “A Convenience”

Well, my camera has been acting up on me, so I haven’t been able to complete the challenges.  But today I was finally able to get it to work long enough to catch up on the challenges.  It’s still acting up, but it got the job done.  Thinking I’m going to need to get it serviced.  🙁

So here is my picture of “a convenience”…my cell phone.  What did we do before cell phones?!?  They are a wonderful convenience.  Although, they are definitely a huge distraction as well and without it, I’m sure I would get a lot more accomplished and would be much more aware of the amazing world around me.


February 3rd – “Metal”

For the theme “Metal” I decided to take a picture of a vintage classroom handbell that I received as a gift from my mother-in-law.  Growing up, my mother loved antiques and we had a lot that were passed down from family members over the years.  As a child, I didn’t really appreciate these things, probably because antique shopping was thrown in on our family vacations.  As I got older though, I began to appreciate the unique items that had been passed down through the ages.  They had a history…a story.  Now I find myself filling my house with special items that were once used by my grandparents and great grandparents.

The story behind this bell is that we homeschool and I’ve been wanting to display a few vintage school items in our classroom.  I was dying to buy an old bell.  Well, my mother-in-law happened to have this bell and has wonderful memories of it with her mom.  How neat  that now it can grace our classroom and be passed down with stories of the memories Grandma had with her mother.


February 2nd – “Dark”

Here’s my take on the theme “Dark”.

IMG_6424_webIt’s been a dark and cold winter and I think we’ve all got a bit of cabin fever.  I know with the dark comes gloominess, but while taking this picture of my son sleeping in the dark, I was reminded that during the dark of night, we receive rest and are renewed with energy for the coming day.  Spring will be here before we know it and will be filled with warm sunny days and bright colorful flowers.