Share Six | Rustic

When I heard this month’s theme the ideas started swarming in my head.  My mom has TONS of antiques and one of my best friends has a farm.  I knew I wouldn’t be short on opportunities for things to photograph.

Before photographing anything though, I wanted to look up the dictionary definition of “rustic”.  I’ve noticed lately in our society, that we misuse some words.  So I tend to err on the side of caution and look up the definition before I use the word.  This word, however, was true to the definition I had learned.

I chose the first definition in the dictionary to go off of in thinking of things to photograph.  The definition was….”of, relating to, or suitable for the country”.

I LOVE the country, and as a young girl I dreamed of living on a farm.  So I knew I would head to my friend’s farm and take my photos there.  It ended up being quite a fun morning, zipping around the farm on the ATV.  I should have taken some photos of us when we were done.  Our feet were covered in mud!

Well, here is my take on the theme RUSTIC….

IMG_8391_web IMG_8404_web IMG_8410_web IMG_8424_web IMG_8463_web IMG_8490_web