Share Six | Narrow Depth of Field

I’m so excited that Share Six is back up and running!! On top of that, I am super excited to be a contributor!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed Sharleen’s, Kim’s, and Brandi’s takes on this months theme – Narrow Depth of Field.

I really debated on what to photograph. I almost always shoot with a very narrow depth of field, using close to the widest aperture on my lenses, so it was more of a challenge to be creative with this theme. I debated whether to do portrait or shoot nature. As you will see, I ended up going with nature.

We have a pond behind our yard that is normally abundant with photographic opportunities. Unfortunately though, it’s March and everything is pretty much still dead and lacking color. I scrounged around looking for anything that might look halfway decent photographed. I crawled on the ground, lied down on my stomach and tried to contort myself to get any creative angle I could. Our neighbor even came out to see what “the crazy neighbor” (me) was doing. So this is what I ended up getting. Hope you enjoy!!

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Don’t forget to click the link and head on over to Erica’s page. Check out her awesome take on this month’s theme!!

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