Kaylee’s Graduation Session

I can hardly believe it!!  My little niece is graduating.  Although, she’s not so little anymore. (*tears of nostalgia)

Here are some throwbacks from over the years.


So many memories were made as my mom and I babysat her every day.  She often tagged along while I would meet my husband (boyfriend at the time) for lunch.  He got a wonderful surprise one time when he came to church with me and watched her while I played the organ for the service.  She threw up all over him.  Boy was that quite the initiation into the family.  LOL She was a little firecracker who kept us on our toes, and still does.  We had many dance parties and had a fun song that we especially enjoyed dancing to.  She was the flower girl for my wedding and I requested our special song for a special dance with her.  I love her dearly.

Now that I’ve embarrassed her enough, without further ado, here are some images from her graduation portrait session.  (I have to say, this was one of my favorite sessions, from the creek to the purple flowers to how photogenic she is, it was so much fun!)

IMG_9554IMG_9763IMG_9850IMG_9596 copyIMG_9686 IMG_9712IMG_9557 IMG_9666

Kaylee, I wish you all the best in every endeavor in life.  May God bless you and keep you!!

Share Six | Green

Hope you enjoyed Brandi, Torie and Sharleen’s pictures!!  Talk about talent!!

This month, I once again mulled over the theme, pushing myself to think outside the box.  I did in fact come up with some unique ideas for “green”, but the days got away from me, leaving me little time to execute my ideas.  So I decided last minute to just take the kids outside and take pictures of them in our midwestern landscape that has recently turned GREEN as spring has arrived.

I started out by photographing the sweet little boy, Mr. C, that we were watching for the day.  He is such a sweet little guy, and we had the privilege of watching him most of last summer and continue to watch him once a month.  He has a special place in our hearts.

IMG_0170_WM_web IMG_0180_WM_web

Evening came though, and I decided to drag my kids out to get some pictures of them too.  They don’t care too much for me always having my camera with me, they’d rather I put it down and live in the moment.  Which is what I am trying to do more often now.  I need to periodically get pictures of them though, because they are quickly growing up, and I NEED to document these moments.

IMG_0236_WM_web IMG_0218_WM_web IMG_0314_WM_web IMG_0303_WM_web

I teared up tonight, because looking at your children through the eyes of a lens some how truly opens your eyes.  Your “mommy goggles” are removed (or at least partially removed). Tonight, instead of seeing my little ones, I saw these strange new kids…these kids who aren’t baby faced anymore.  Their faces looked so grown up tonight.  It broke my heart a little.  Where does the time go?!?  The funny thing is though, I thought the same thing about Mr. C.  As I was looking through the lens, I saw a more grown up face, not quite the same little baby face I had seen just a few weeks ago.

Ask me what this has to do with green and I guess I can’t really tell you, except that green is symbolic of “life” to me.  These little lives are growing right before my eyes.  They are growing like green weeds, faster than I can keep up with.  These precious children are so full of life, so full of joy.  Green may now be one of my favorite colors.  🙂

Head on over to Kim’s (Kim Sidwell Photography) page and see her gorgeous pictures!!

Hope you enjoy the theme!! Can’t wait to see your interpretations!!