Share Six | Kitchen

Kitchen – the heart of the home.  I’ve lived in 5 different homes throughout my life, 4 of which have been since I got married.  While I wouldn’t say that the kitchen has always been the heart of our home (most times it was the dining room because meals, discussions and memories were shared there), I am trying to fill our kitchen with more heart.  Unfortunately, for us the kitchen is the hub right now.  It’s where papers and broken toys get dropped on the counters and left to die.  I’ll admit, I’m not always the greatest at just pitching things.  Maybe one day I’ll finally admit that the broken toys will never get fixed and just pitch them and finally file the papers.

I do have fond memories in our kitchens though.  Growing up at home, many memories were made around our kitchen table….family get togethers, games of bunco, coloring Easter eggs.
Once I got married, we moved into a little two bedroom home, the childhood home of my grandma.  My most vivid memory of that kitchen is the many evenings spent making dinner for my new husband That first fall there, there was one particular evening I just quit.  We had Asian beetles infiltrating our house, particularly the kitchen.  A few started to fall in the pot cooking on the stove.  I gave up, shut the stove off and just left.  I was so tired of vacuuming them up and more would come.

Fast forward to our move to the Chicago suburbs and our first apartment.  My fondest memories there were working in the kitchen while our little girl rolled around the kitchen in her walker.

Then fast forward to our current kitchen (don’t remember much from the 4th), where we remodeled it into my dream kitchen and have watched our kids learn to make meals.

For my take on the theme, I photographed some random things from our kitchen and some special things.


Any clue what this next item is? ?


In this next picture, I included a cabinet door from our first kitchen (my grandma’s childhood house) and an egg whisk we got as a wedding gift as well as an egg tray my husband recently bought me.


A macro shot of a common kitchen utensil.


Here I wanted to include some vegetables from our outdoor kitchen (garden) and an enamelware bowl that belonged to my grandma.


Another macro shot of something found in a kitchen.


Hope you enjoyed my take on this month’s theme.  Head on over to Kim’s blog and check out her interpretation!