Share Six | Double Exposure

So this month’s theme is Double Exposure.  I unfortunately have an old DSLR that does NOT have a double exposure function, which means I have to do it in Photoshop.  I did however find that one of my favorite photography phone apps has a double exposure function, so some of my photos are done in photoshop and some are done in my phone app.

My first image was one that I did in the app using a picture I took of one of my antique cameras and another picture I took of a flower a while back.  So every aspect of this image was done with the phone, except I used photoshop to add my watermark.


This next image is two of my favorite things – the Milky Way (at my favorite vacation spot) and a piano.  These photos were taken with my DSLR and merged with the phone app.


The next four images are of myself and my family members with something that we love.  First up is my husband and a baseball.  These images were taken with my DSLR and merged in Photoshop.


Next is my son.  He LOVES the outdoors and climbing trees.  So I took a picture of him (with my phone) and a picture of some branches of a tree (also with my phone) and double exposed them in the phone app.  I have to say, this is probably one of my favorites.


My daughter’s images were also taken with my phone and double exposed in the app.  She is an avid reader, so the other image is of some of her favorite books.


(Their pictures kind of remind me of those childhood profile cutouts we did in school as children.)

Last is a self portrait of me that I took several years ago.  I LOVE playing the piano and have been playing since I was five, so I double exposed the image of me with a picture I took of our piano.  I took the images with my DSLR, but I double exposed them in the phone app.


I hope you enjoyed my take on this month’s theme.  Oh, and if you are like me and your DSLR does not have a Double Exposure function, download the app Snapseed.  It’s a great photography app!

Head on over to Claire’s blog and see her lovely images!  Be sure to continue through the entire circle.  You won’t want to miss everyone’s awesome images.  Also, don’t forget to post your own take on this month’s theme either on our Facebook page or on Instagram! Tag #sharesix #sharesix_doubleexposure

Aspiring to Something Greater | Superman Session

My family is the light of my life and my boy definitely does a great job of lighting it up.  From a young age, he has shown much wisdom and also much humor.  He delights in making people laugh and making them happy.  He is incredibly chivalrous, and is sensitive and sweet.  He is super courageous and full of energy.  He dreams big and has always loved dressing up and being a hero.  I know that God has BIG plans for this boy.  Being a mother isn’t easy, and I have made so many mistakes. I just pray that in spite of my mistakes, God will use this boy for His glory.

So back in 2013, I decided to take advantage of my son’s love of dressing up and go do a fun photoshoot with him.  We headed down to downtown Moline and I just told him to do whatever he wanted within reason.  Here is what we got.

img_9367_web img_9387_web img_9391_web img_9395_web img_9406greater_web img_9407_web img_9409_web img_9413_web img_9423_web img_9462_web